Beer and chasers

It was all going so well at Marshside this morning, despite the hot conditions – two Curlew Sands and two Little Stints were feeding amongst the Dunlin and Ringed Plover behind the Junction Pool and Great White Egret and a Peregrine went over, heading north.
The heat lured Tropical Thomason out, and he joined me checking through the waders (once he’d gone back to get his bins).
Then things got all foxed up.

Everything was a bit jittery after that, so I wandered down to Nels as the temperatures started to rise.
A male and female Garganey were dozing quite close to the hide, but with the late morning sun behind them, they were never going to perform too well.

The wibbly wobbly heat made watching a Spot Fly just south of the Junction Pool tricky too, but occasionally it perched up in the willows.

Back at Dempsey Towers the sultry south easterly yesterday brought two Broad Bodied Chasers into the garden (only the second time they’ve visited in twenty years), and Swifts and House Martins whizzed through ahead of the rain with two calling Med Gulls to boot.
Beer and chasers – mmmmm…..
As the year heads bugwards a tiny Pyrausta aurata was zipping about when I got home today, an exquisite midget gem, but I hope I can see a few birds more before it all goes micro moth.


6 thoughts on “Beer and chasers

  1. Horrendous noise 1. 10 am got me out of bed something had caught a bird lots of magpies kicking offf plus blackbid eventually all calmed down . Horrible sound though cant get it out of me head.


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