Hey big ears!!

A good day to walk the dog out on Plex today (I know I don’t have a dog – not that kinda dog).
With everything a bit late this year, and birds still popping up on Lundy, there is still an outside chance of Dotterel just (I’ve found ’em on the Withins in June before today).
But today wasn’t that day.
Water Avens looking wispily weird and wonderful, plus Northern Marsh Orchids pushing up in select colonies.
At Haskayne Cutting a Garden Warbler showed briefly then was chased off by the overly aggressive male Blackcap, (it was even hassling Whitethroats, do behave).
That’s what being territorial means I guess.

Too early to be getting botanical yet though, so I headed back out onto the open fields.
I’m currently reading Ian Newton’s excellent, but sobering, New Nat “Farming and Birds”.
I just hope they’re not reading it too.

A few Yellowhammers about, and Whitethroats conspicuous, while the usual early summer flocks of Herring Gulls and LBBs were foraging on the freshly tilled soils with Stock Doves, Woodpigeon and a few Mistle Thrush.
Season’s rolling on…