The difference between small and far away

The difference is not always as obvious as Father Ted led Dougal to believe.
The splendid Temminck’s Stint found by Stuart Darbyshire at Marshside this morning was small.
But by the time I got to grips with it, the bird was also far away.
Even with the benefit of a kindly lent ‘scope view from a twitch member at lunchtime (I didn’t get your name, but many thanks) I was hard pressed to tell the difference.
You can just make it out on this long range zoom pic, halfway between the two white feathers on the muddy edge of the back ridge to Fairclough’s Pool.

If you look really hard that is. Just.
Through the ‘scope my squint at the stint revealed the usual Temminck’s creeping posture and pale legs.
The bird drew a fair crowd who watched from the platform on Hesketh Road, while large numbers of Swifts fed in the cold easterly air over the Marine Lake to the south of us.

Two Great Whites about earlier too, and rather oddly, a Willow Warbler feeding on the lawn at Dempsey Towers first thing….

5 thoughts on “The difference between small and far away

  1. Just after I saw you on Plex a pair of Yellow Wags flew low in front of the bike and were happy to feed in the field below me for a while. The male was stunning from about 12 ft with bins. Best ever Yellow Wags for me. Nice views of Corn Bunting and Whitethroat also. Plenty of Lapwings still trying their luck. Water Avens at Haskayne Cutting.

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    • Glad you got the Yellow Wags David – they’d been calling away an hour or so earlier, with one non-breeding flock of 12 Corn Bunts out there (and a fair few singers jangling too), plenty of Orange Tips in Haskayne Cutting, with Small and Green Veined Whites too. Double figures of Lapwing chicks this morning.


  2. BTO survey Leeds liverpool canal early morning included kingfisher and a nice female redstart…..then caught up with Temmincks stint and 2Glossy Ibis at Marshside….and finally lovely Spoonbill feeding in the lagoons and oddly 2 Eider (drake and fem) up at Hesketh Out Marsh.

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  3. Hi John, good reporting on the Stint. A tiny bird even when close! Just back from a couple of days in Berlin. Mostly a city break but managed a few hours in the legendary Tiergarten trying to spot our first ever Goshawk. (Previously a few dips in various spots in North Wales). After a few hours of wondering around with a stiff neck looking upwards and no sightings, bumped into a local birdwatcher who aftet chatting for a while took us literally 100 yards to the edge of a clearing to a female actually sitting on a nest. We could also hear the male calling occasionally but could not spot him. The clearing was a large area but surprisingly fairly busy with lots of cyclist, joggers, and walkers. The local through broken English seemed to infer that this pair perhaps deliberately picked the more public area for protection , but who knows? At least if anyone is up to no good with the Goshawks, then there would be more chance they are spotted, perhaps a bit of protective evolution at work. But we were delighted to have seen it. Also lots of Nightingales singing including a very prominent male just two branches above our heads near the zoo. Also a few nice Wood Warblers.

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