The difference between small and far away

The difference is not always as obvious as Father Ted led Dougal to believe.
The splendid Temminck’s Stint found by Stuart Darbyshire at Marshside this morning was small.
But by the time I got to grips with it, the bird was also far away.
Even with the benefit of a kindly lent ‘scope view from a twitch member at lunchtime (I didn’t get your name, but many thanks) I was hard pressed to tell the difference.
You can just make it out on this long range zoom pic, halfway between the two white feathers on the muddy edge of the back ridge to Fairclough’s Pool.

If you look really hard that is. Just.
Through the ‘scope my squint at the stint revealed the usual Temminck’s creeping posture and pale legs.
The bird drew a fair crowd who watched from the platform on Hesketh Road, while large numbers of Swifts fed in the cold easterly air over the Marine Lake to the south of us.

Two Great Whites about earlier too, and rather oddly, a Willow Warbler feeding on the lawn at Dempsey Towers first thing….