Roast goose

The type of weather that makes an ice-cream van driver beam today – and it lured just about everyone out onto Marshside too, so it was fun socialising inbetween dodging melanomas and cyclists.
One of the Tundra Bean Geese (left hand bird in the pic above) was still with about 250 Pink Feet, which were slowly melting in the heat on Crossens Outer, so with Trops and Bazzo I hooked up with the hottest goose twitch on the planet.

Hard to get a picture in the shimmery heat, and not much easier to get to grips with the drake Garganey on Marshside One either, as it dozed in a clump of vegetation as the mercury climbed.
Looking into the sun from Nels it was difficult to see it, but its lightning strike eyestripe gave it away even in these white light conditions.

From the inland side of M1, four Curlew Sands were feeding with the sparring Ruff and Dunlin flock with a few Ringed Plovers, but at range.
Perhaps most interesting this morning was the Great White Egret I picked up that flew south high over Marshside One at about 1030, followed by another 30 seconds later…then another…then another….
The four birds were all following the same flight line, and presumably in sight of each other – has anyone had a group drop in south of us today I wonder?
Go on, break the habit of a lifetime and communicate.
At least three of the birds had strong yellow bills.
Where were they going?
Lovely to see everyone this morning…99s with raspberry sauce all round!!!