40 minutes of fun

Did a quick circuit down to the sheep enclosures and back from the office at Ainsdale at lunchtime today – the cold, grey morning didn’t bode well, but it wasn’t bad at all.
A fairly showy Grasshopper Warbler was reeling away within earshot of the office – one of three I heard as I strolled about, trying to photograph miniscule spring annuals for an article I’m writing.
Tiny, fiddly things, especially in a cold breeze, and while Rue Leaved Saxifrage, Early Forget Me Nots and Spring Vetch are all undeniably beautiful, I’ll take the Gropper every time.

A short distance down the path a superb male Whinchat was perched up looking miserable in the cold, but I was delighted to see it.
Great birds – you can never have too many Whinchats.

A few Swallows pushed through and Willow Warblers were singing away from the birch scrub.
At least five Whitethroats were singing on site too, but only two were bothering with display flights as the sun tried to break through and the temperatures rose a little.
A whistling Whimbrel moving north overhead was the icing on the cake – I’ll take that as a lunchbreak!!!