A moth to a flame

Couldn’t help it – I had to check Plex Moss early doors this morning (just in case).
Wrap-round blue skies unsurprisingly meant there was little in the way of passage, but Swallows were back at a number of breeding sites, up to seven Corn Buntings were jangling, and pleasingly at least four male Yellowhammers were at three different places.

Haskayne Cutting was early morning peaceful, with Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler (stacks singing in Ainsdale LNR yesterday morning – see pic above) , Blackcap and a fine male Lesser Whitethroat which was easy to follow through the scrub as leaves are only starting to open out again – its gleaming white underparts and bandit mask really stood out, but it didn’t hang around.
It didn’t even treat me to a rattle.
Then again neither would I with one of the locals looking on hungrily…

Small White and Peacock butterflies on the wing there, and the annual Cowslip conundrum blooming again…how did they get here?
A relic of the old railway line or a more recent arrival?

A check of North Moss Lane on the way home revealed a distant feeding flock of at least 36 Whimbrel keeping their heads down right at the back of the field with the big black Moss Angus coos in.

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