Black Red

Female Black Redstart around the office (Ainsdale Discovery Centre) now.
Apologies for god-awful point and press record shots in the drizzle, presumably a passage bird, but more fodder for the Pontins enigma for yet another year…

UPDATE: Got a chance to have another look at the bird at lunchtime – it was still feeding behind the skipyard, flycatching from Sea Buckthorn stems in the rain at 1.30pm.
Willow Warbler, Goldcrests, Goldfinches and Mipits also joining the Stonechats in the rain – quite the little fall… and a Swallow south earlier.

6 thoughts on “Black Red

  1. Caught this bird entirely by accident this morning when returning from a walk on the beach with the dog (flock of eight scoters really close in, just behind the breaking waves as the tide receded). Bumped into a black redstart mini-twitch by the discovery centre. Nice.
    Heard you gathering the troops before your walk this morning John; hope it went well despite the “dismalality”.


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