When the rain eased

Annual as they maybe around the office at Ainsdale, I was acutely aware that yet again I’d taken a series of blurry grey blob pictures with my battered point and press of the Black Redstart when I found it this morning before heading out to lead a guided walk.
Black Reds deserve a bit more effort.
So later in the day I nipped home and picked up the P900 so I could take still more blurry grey blob pictures of it once the rain eased after work, except with a big boy camera.

There, that’s better.
At one point I wondered if it might be a young male, as it had quite a pale wing panel at certain angles, but the buffy wash to the face and eye-ring marked it out as a female.
It was calling a fair bit by 5pm, perching back up on the office roof, when it wasn’t flycatching from the Sea Buckthorn, and this seemed to make the singing male Stonechat, which has been on territory here for a few weeks now, pretty angry, and it chased after the Black Red a few times, when it wasn’t showing off in the grey evening light.

Still a few Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers in the buckthorn too this evening – could be good out there first thing tomorrow…

Black Red

Female Black Redstart around the office (Ainsdale Discovery Centre) now.
Apologies for god-awful point and press record shots in the drizzle, presumably a passage bird, but more fodder for the Pontins enigma for yet another year…

UPDATE: Got a chance to have another look at the bird at lunchtime – it was still feeding behind the skipyard, flycatching from Sea Buckthorn stems in the rain at 1.30pm.
Willow Warbler, Goldcrests, Goldfinches and Mipits also joining the Stonechats in the rain – quite the little fall… and a Swallow south earlier.