Automatically sunshine

Best thing about a big cold weather system seeping in from the east is the blue-vaulted wall to wall sunshine that comes along with it.
Great to be out in the lovely bright light, but then everyone else feels the same, so once I’d hunted down a necessary fish (don’t ask), I headed inland as more and more vehicles headed for the coast.
I whizzed past Marshside (even though it’s ace, bird numbers do drop with cold weather here, and I’d already checked out the miserable looking February Avocet flock once this weekend thanks) and pulled into Mere Sands, to try to crack the Chinese puzzle that is the most idiosyncratic parking meter in the western hemisphere.
Sometimes it takes your money. Sometimes it don’t.

Bullfinches were furtive round the feeders – hardly surprising as there were plenty of Sunday strollers (including myself) about, and 4-5 Goosanders still left silvery trails in the shadowy green waters of the main mere.
The woods were quiet, but it was a fine afternoon and I finally came across a pair of Nuthatches, calling like demented Clangers as they prospected around one of the many nestboxes on site.

Gotta love a good Nuthatch.

3 thoughts on “Automatically sunshine

  1. Hi John,
    Some good birds in the garden at Hillside this morning – within ten minutes of topping up the feeders and filling the bird bath:
    Reed Bunting 6
    Chaffinch 10
    Goldfinch 4
    Blackbird 5
    Blackcap 1m/1f
    plus single Blue Tit, Siskin, Goldcrest and Wren.
    (and Jackdaw, Woodpigeon and Collared Doves).


  2. Little Egret just crash landed at Dempsey Towers in Ainsdale. Had flyovers before – never had one in garden though! Fieldfare too today and over the dunes hard weather se’ly movements of Golden Plover, Lapwing and Skylark.


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