The wintering Red Kite was still sailing around between the Withins and Lydiate Station this afternoon, a Raven was messing about on Engine Lane and a Little Egret flapped through.
How bird populations/ranges change – imagine that 30 years ago around here…
The panicked bunching of Woodpigeons and Lapwings betrayed the kite everytime it left the coverts for a sortie – presumably they’re still not used to the raptor’s slo-mo shape gliding across the landscape yet.
Everything seems to just ignore them dahn sarf of course, but then they are abundant from Stokenchurch to Staines and back.

Eight Common Buzzards perched up in the February gloom and a Barnacle Geese was with about 1,000 Pink Feet on Altcar Moss.

8 thoughts on “Relativity

  1. Hi John
    Today I was out looking for the recently reported Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in Ince Blundell (no luck 😦 ) but I did see the Red Kite
    hunting over fields opposite back of Lady Green garden centre.

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    • Thanks Jim.
      Lesser ‘Pecker is a dream local bird.
      If anyone can give me any more details about the Lesser ‘Pecker, I’d love to hear about it…
      Can anyone tell me whereabouts it was at Ince Blundell?
      It has been so long since I’ve seen one in the north west (I know, I really must go to Moore), and what feels like decades since they had a toehold around Knowsley Safari Park…..


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