Over a thousand gulls were roosting and washing on the fields west of Haskayne Cutting on Plex Moss Lane this afternoon; after all that lovely international birding the least I could do was check through them.
All I could pull out was the usual common species, but the adult Herring Gulls were looking spiffing.
Just as I was getting into it they were flushed by a Peregrine, so I was spared further gull pain.
Merlin, Common Buzzards and Kestrel out on Plex too, with 14+ Corn Bunting, Yellowhammer around the cutting, and in the distance, calling Whoopers.
One or two Fieldfare with Starlings on Station Road, and five Rooks adding a touch of elegance to the corvid flock further out on the moss.
About the most you can hope for on Plex in February, but back at Dempsey Towers a Nuthatch was feeding in the big Sycamore – just the third time in 20 odd years I’ve seen one here.
Looking closely at the lousy record shot though, it’s certainly the first one I’ve had levitating.

More ropey photography through the back window and through the branches in the failing light followed, then it was time to do a bit more blogging about our recent Gambia trip – that blog is nearly done now, please give it a look if you get a chance…and let me know what you think.