Catching the sun

With a few spare hours, a sky free from cloud and a decidedly pants forecast for tomorrow, I nipped down to Sands Lake at Ainsdale to have another look at the Goosanders.
There were three drakes visible this afternoon, although they generally fed apart and spent a fair amount of time hiding under the overhanging branches.
Pretty wary, every time they saw a person on the boardwalk they headed in the opposite direction fast, although after a time they sailed in quite close.
The coyness was in stark contrast to reports from Jack Taylor, of one taking bread there recently!

Once they’d sailed regally behind the island I drove up to Marshside for the last of the afternoon – beautiful light and stacks of Pink Feet on Marshside Two, with a Great White Egret stalking the drains behind Polly’s Creek.

Two Common Buzzards and thousands of Pinks on the outer marsh (the majority of geese were up around Crossens Outer), Rock Pipit calling (just about) over the noise of the traffic and two Marsh Harriers, including the wing-tagged Norfolk bird.
I watched the harriers on and off until they turned to silhouettes against the sinking sun and flapped back up the estuary.

One thought on “Catching the sun

  1. Superb sunny morning on the beach at Ainsdale today; Lake District hills and Snowdonia both showing a covering of snow, frost in the grass on the green beach, and best of all, a Skylark in full voice overhead. Daffodils flowering along the moss road in Sherdley Hill too!
    Won’t be long before I start looking for Wheatears…😉


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