Northern Exposure

So let me see if I’ve got this straight; it’s cold, grey and windy and you need a head torch on at midday.
The birds are largely distant, buff, brown and grey and hunkered down, and scowling into the wind looking like hypothermia is just a wingbeat away.
They do not appear happy.
The roar of traffic from the coast road is constant.
Winter Ribble birding is simply NOT the same as swanning around watching West African species so colourful you need shades on just to think about ’em.
For more on that, why not give Birdblog Gambia 2018 a read? It’s filling up a bit now…

On the upside, Marshside Two was carpetted with Lapwings and Golden Plover, with Dunlin scurrying around them and glacial Little Egrets wading about this afternoon.
Pinkies commuted from the outer marsh, where Merlin and Common Buzzard were hunting, and occasionally the whole lot were spooked and rose into the air, the dread caused by a GBB, Merlin or just nerves in a cold climate.
Four drake Pochard on Sands Lake at Ainsdale when I called in on the way home, but the light was fading fast by then.
Soon this will become the norm again.