New Year diet

No need for any dietary revisionism when you’re as svelte as a drake Goosander – just a shame I only got to it as the light was fading at Sands Lake this afternoon.
I know you can easily catch up with them at Mere Sands in winter, but they are scarce birds in the dunes and on the coast – the days when small flocks used to fish deeply flooded dune slacks in wet winters are a distant memory now.
Slow out of the blocks for 2018, it was fun watching this bird at Ainsdale, blasted in by Storm Eleanor presumably as it sailed low in the water like a frigate amongst the dumpier Pochard, Gadwall, Shoveler and Mallards here.
The Blackcaps that are hanging about Dempsey Towers may have more of a weight issue if they continue to scoff fatballs at their current rate.

Two, possibly three, birds are ripping into the feeders continually at the moment – I really must try to take some pictures when the sun is out and the window is open, rather than these grainy things, but there’s a month or two of fat-scoffing to sort that out yet.