Shipwreckin’ bonus

Superb bonus Snow Bunting as I struggled back over the dunes at Ainsdale in a hooley-driven squall this afternoon.
I’d been out checking our shipwrecks – the Star of Hope and the Atlantic are now showing well again shipwreck fans, it was like meeting old friends again for the first time in years – this constitutes MAJOR piratin’ score as both have been hidden under the sands for quite some time.

I’ll be leading a shipwreck walk tomorrow – see shortly for details.
I was walking back from the wrecks when I noticed the bunting watching me from a dune ridge directly in front of Ainsdale Discovery Centre.
As I trudged off the beach it flitted down onto the sands, presumably to check out the prodigious tideline…hope it hangs about.

3 thoughts on “Shipwreckin’ bonus

  1. Martin Mere – 14/12/17

    3 x Marsh Harrier
    2 x Buzzard
    1 x Kestrel
    21 x Tree Sparrow

    Hundreds of Teal, Wigeon, Mallard and Shelduck
    Around 300 Whooper Swans

    Ruff, Black Tailed Godwit, Lapwing on site

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