The heretical view

With just light showers in the strong westerly, there was nothing to keep the sand down at Formby, and I didn’t fancy a sandblasting today, so instead went over to New Brighton to watch the high tide, sheltered by the lumpy windbreak that is Fort Perch Rock.
I know, leaving the Tobacco Dump to watch from “the other side” is a heinous offence, but I’m sure there are worse betrayals.
After a lash up on the domestic front, I only got to the river mouth at 11am, less than an hour before high tide, but enjoyed good views of a number of Leach’s Petrels.
I saw 15, but whether that was 15 individuals or a smaller number of birds tacking into the wind as they tried to leave the Mersey and then coming back in again, is another question entirely.
Almost all the petrels were over on the Liverpool side, and many look tired, with one even resting on the water as it drifted out with the current.
The numbered 0-800 metre system on the dock wall under the big new Peel cranes made pinpointing the birds easy – like watching on a range!
A string of nine Red Throated Divers, including several still in summer plumage, was exciting as they sped out of the river and my first two Brent Geese of the winter came out of the Mersey as the water began to fall back.

New Brighton 1100-1345:
Westerly f5, cloud and sun.

Leach’s Petrel up to 15
Guillemot 4
Red Throated Diver 10
Great Crested Grebe 2
Brent Goose 2
Tufted Duck 1
Dunlin 7
Grey Plover 8

Steve Young “duck trumped” my Tuftie with four Shoveler before it was time to call it a day and wave the Leach’s back out toward the Atlantic…