An odd sort of day

Whizzed down to the Bird Fair at Rutland today with Neill, Tony Owen and Jase – howdy Killian, how did I get all these leaflets? that ‘scope is lovely, where oh where is the beer tent?
No scope, no big boy camera, no problem.
Plenty of faces, tempting books and travel deals on offer to every nook and cranny on the planet.
A Great White Egret played hide and seek behind a post out on the lagoon and I “digi-poached” it thro’ the latest super smooth Kowa kit in the optics tent with my old point and press (ta Paul Hackett), when I wasn’t stuffing as many free Zeiss lens cloths as I could into my baggy pants.

After the plastic cup beer had warmed beyond tolerance, we headed back home, calling in at Wanlip Meadows Nature Reserve for long distance views of a Pectoral Sandpiper and a Spotted Crake there from the Plover Hide.
The Pec was straightforward enough amongst the Lapwing flock (even if I could only get the lousiest of record shots with my poor old TZ).

Kingfisher, Green Sand and Green Woodpecker made an overly complicated hunt/stake-out for the Spot Crake bearable and eventually we all had good ‘scope views, thanks to a kind-hearted regular, as it emerged from reeds about 150m away from the hide.
Interesting reserve, with plenty of Brown Hawkers and helpful locals.
Ta to Neill for the driving – it was great to bump into so many folk today, you know who you are…