Between cake and Guadelupe Plata

Finding a birding space between birthday cake and music is always a bit tricky, but I managed to force a gap in my diary for an hour or two at Marshside this afternoon.
I’d probably have been better off staying home and eating even more cake.
Pretty quiet, although a perky Common Sandpiper dropped in on the island off Sandgrounders and a few Mipits were mooching about.
Six Avocets still at the back of M2 and young Willow Warblers calling in the hawthorns outside the hide.

A Snipe dropped in from high, plummeting into the vegetation behind the grazing cattle, while down at Hesketh Road a colour ringed Little Egret was hanging out.
Black “U” on orange on the right leg, number “6” on the left leg’s pink (?) ring.
Anyone know where that one comes from?

I’d check meself, but more cake beckons….

3 thoughts on “Between cake and Guadelupe Plata

  1. Hi John, do you know whatever happened to Stumpy the Caspian Gull? Did he move on literally or figuratively? Likewise the Ross’s Goose has he migrated back home!? Cheers Chris.


    • Hi Chris _ there haven’t been any sightings of Stumpy for over a year now…time to find another Caspian Gull.
      As for the Ross’s Goose up at Marshside the less said about that individual the better(!), although he/she is due a reappearance any day now.
      It usually pops up each year mid to late summer.


      • Cheers John. The missing leg certainly made ID easier, will have to work harder now. I know the little white goose isn’t legit but it does raise a smile when I see it.

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