Sharing a sea fret or two

Penetrating drizzle for most of the morning, but Reed and Willow Warblers still ferrying food to broods around the Hesketh Road platform, and a Grey Wagtail over.
Golf course quiet-ish, or rather, busy with most of the Pringle Tribe inspired no doubt by The Open, to spoil a good walk.
I left Marshside and popped up to HOM (this type of weather should have been good for a wader or two), where the adult Arctic Terns were occasionally displaying high above, drifting in slow, graceful formation circles, calling away.

Occasionally they fell to earth.
A few Dunlin, Curlew, Avocet, Oycs, Lapwing and Redshanks, with the Yellow Wagtails too. A Greenshank was calling and feeding in the rain just a bit too far away to try for a pic.

A young Peregrine spooked everything, tried for a Redshank and gave up to move away north, while three Ravens went cronking south.

Ravens, Greenshank, Peregrine, Arctic Tern – Donald Watson or Nethersole-Thompson would have felt right at home.

5 thoughts on “Sharing a sea fret or two

  1. Hi John, Just thought I’d pass on an interesting record of a White Letter Hairstreak in Abercrombie Square in the middle of Liverpool on Monday afternoon amidst my eldest daughter’s ‘Pimm’s on the lawn’ graduation celebrations. The little blighter was fluttering around the square, settling on the grass – hopefully it escaped a trampling! Seemed an odd location – are you aware of any local colonies?


    • Not sure about Liverpool city centre Barrie – there are concentrations of records in Blundellsands and Ainsdale, and I know folk used to get them at the lamented National Wildflower Centre at Court Hey Park.
      Look for elms and there maybe White Letter Hairstreaks nearby.
      Congrats to your daughter on her graduation, and to you for seeing the Hairstreak!


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