A scolding

South of Ainsdale yesterday planning out a guided walk* when I heard a loud, high pitched “tik…tik..tik” call.
It threw me for a moment or two, then I saw the sun bouncing off the undercrackers of a Grasshopper Warbler nearby – clearly I was too near its territory, so after a quick digi-bin (the eye cups are held on by Sellotape on my standard issue bins now, so the pics were inevitably ropier than usual) I moved on.

Dark Green Frits, Graylings and Dune Helleborines, and a family of Kestrels learning to hunt over the dune ridges.
Good news for the falcons, bad news for the Sand Lizards.
A lunchtime seawatch on Tuesday yielded 5 distant Manx Shearwaters, 7 Gannets, 80 odd Common Scoter (numbers picking up again now) and 15 Great Crested Grebes. Plus the local tern traffic.
Must do better.
*Guided walk booking details, should you want to attend at:


2 thoughts on “A scolding

  1. Much as I’d like to I just can’t make your walk John, but on the subject of guided walks I thoroughly enjoyed a tour of Arne on Wednesday evening, culminating in a hugely atmospheric encounter with its breeding Nightjars as darkness fell. Best sound ‘n vision (sort of…) experience that I’ve had since regular visits to see/ hear the Shearwaters and Petrels on Skomer many years ago. Thoroughly recommended if you find yourself in Dorset.


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    • Thanks Tony, Arne sounds superb, you’re right. Must give it a try one day. Used to love listening to them on Salthouse Heath in Norfolk as they competed with Nightingales, although I believe the latter have now gone from that site now.


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