How quickly slow becomes fast…

More hot, but the Spotted Redshank was still feeding away on Fairclough’s Pool at Marshside today from Hesketh Road, while two small roosts of Blackwits dozed and Lapwings got freaked by passing, well, everything.
Yellow Wags up past Banks were a pleasure in the heat and a fine change from the insect deluge of high summer, but just when you sit back to enjoy the dusk, it goes crazy, all eyes turn to Porthgwarra and the i-phone goes bananas.
Buzz…buzz…buzz…and the adrenalin kicks in, even though I’ve a few more shifts before I hit the tarmac.
Why do the megas always have to be so far away????

One thought on “How quickly slow becomes fast…

  1. A new survey has revealed the continued decline in sightings of some of our most familiar and favourite garden wildlife, with the RSPB calling on people across Merseyside to take up the Wild Challenge this summer to uncover the mysterious creatures living in their garden.
    More than 100,000 wildlife enthusiasts around the UK, including over 2600 in Merseyside took part in the survey. Results from the county showed that hedgehogs were seen in around 60 per cent of gardens or outdoor spaces. Worryingly the spiny mammals were absent from almost a quarter of Merseyside gardens.
    Moles spend most of their lives alone, digging tunnels and hunting for food only occasionally coming to the surface. They remained elusive to the majority of Merseyside gardens that recorded wildlife, with both the creatures themselves and their more familiar molehills going unseen in over 60 percent of outdoor spaces. Great crested newts also went unseen to the majority of people throughout the county, as the secretive reptile wasn’t spotted in around two-thirds of gardens.
    For the second year running participants were asked to keep an eye out for foxes and stoats. The results showed that foxes were seen in over 50 per cent of Merseyside gardens that took part in the survey.
    For more details see:


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