There’s a thing you don’t see everyday…

I can’t remember when I last saw a Treecreeper on the deck… stunned Woodpigeons beneath the back windows at Dempsey Towers certainly, a very angry Sprawk once and even a “ghost owl” outline on the double glazing courtesy of a myopic local Tawny, but never a Treecreeper.
November Woodcock fatalities were regular around the glass-clad office blocks in the days when I worked in Liverpool, and I once saw a Nuthatch squished flat on the back of a timber lorry on Old Hall Street, but never a Treecreeper.
So thanks to Janet Grant for sending me this pic from the weekend.
Janet explained: “Found this little fella in my driveway in Crosby on Sunday morning. I think it either flew into kitchen window or was just totally knackered.
“I checked on him/her every 10-15 mins for about an hour and half and then watched it fly off and hug the telegraph pole outside our house”.
Janet added: “First for me as a garden tick and very happy it was okay in the end”.
Love the idea of the ‘creeper hugging the telegraph pole – great description Janet.


5 thoughts on “There’s a thing you don’t see everyday…

  1. Shockingly bad seawatch from the Tobacco Dump with Neill and Bazzo today from 0835 to 1025 – 14 Gannet, 2 Fulmar, 3 Great Crested Grebe, 1 Kittiwake and er, that’s it!
    Fine fresh trail of Roe Deer tracks on the path through the Tobacco Dump though.


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