A bit buzzardy

Shimmery and warm this last two days on Plex, which is great if you’re a Lapwing chick-swiping Common Buzzard (shameful behaviour) or a Wall Brown butterfly, otherwise it is getting all too June.
Some real megas have turned up in these quiet weeks over the years of course.
But not on Plex.
A calling Cuckoo out there yesterday afternoon was unexpected, but all too brief.
Time to get into the bugs and the blooms then as the long haul till late July starts.
Lots of them out to play with.
Sadly I have found evidence of orchids being removed from no less than three different local sites over the last fortnight, so readers will understand if I am particularly circumspect about locations…
Meanwhile time to sit back and enjoy the Corn Bunts, Yellowhammers and sun.

2 thoughts on “A bit buzzardy

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