Too late and too early

Too late to connect with this morning’s Wood Warbler at Marshside – I’d been out staring at empty soil on Plex for the umpteenth time this last fortnight, and the bird had long finished spluttering when I arrived.
At least the Cetti’s Warbler on the SSSI ditch was in good voice.
Out on the mosses five Golden Plovers had to turn to show their true colours as they fed in distant shimmering furrows, but they certainly got the pulse racing for a nanosecond or two.
A lot more Whitethroats in and singing out on Plex this morning, otherwise situation normal (Yellowhammers, Corn Buntings, Red Legs, Lapwings, Red Legs, Buzzards etc).
Later I went to say “howdy” to a single Green Winged Orchid (above) at a site away from the traditional colony at Altcar Rifle Range.
The orchid was blooming away, which was impressive a full three weeks ahead of their usual flowering period on the Sefton coast.
Good news to see this spectacular plant at a new site, bad news as our annual organised walk at the rifle range to admire the huge colony there on May 23rd may be a bit of an anti-climax if these showy plants have gone over long before they should…
Funny old climate these days ain’t it?

2 thoughts on “Too late and too early

  1. Hello John, Many thanks for the photo, if we are too late for the orchids, perhaps we could do a bit of target practice! Sorry we will not be coming to the Natterjack Walk tonight apologise should be good lots of clouds. Regards.

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  2. Just got back from walking the dog down on the beach at Formby (I know….I know), where the evening was beautifully illuminated by a couple of Grey Plovers sparkling in full breeding plumage. Stunning!! Also, two Garden Warblers near the NT information trailer.


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