With each passing day…

No one about as I passed Crossens at 1.45pm today, so I pulled in and sneaked up the road to peer around the trees at the Water Pipits around the trough.
Two there at the time, tail pumping and shuffling about for five minutes until they scarpered when a cyclist went past wearing a very bright hi-vis jacket – so it’s not just birders they don’t like!

Usual blurry shots through the branches of these jittery birds though as the rain swept in.
Earlier blues skies revealed Mipits and wagtails including two Greys passing over Dempsey Towers – enough to prompt a morning visit to Marshside anyway.
The Kingfisher was knocking around the ditch beside Marshside Road, and the Goldcrests were still buzzing through the blossom above the old sandplant, alongside Buff-Tailed and Red-Tailed bumblybees, and Mad Dog was enjoying the delights of a substitute WeBs count.

Scoping out to infinity the Pink Foot flock was far, far away out past Crossens Outer, but there were still two Barnacles at least with them.
Nice male Merlin about too.
With each passing day the Wheatear gets closer…


16 thoughts on “With each passing day…

  1. 3 Eider off Birkdale over the tide today, the first I’ve seen off there for a few years, also c200 Common Scoter. A Raven flew north calling and a Buzzard annoyed the waders along the tideline. Some reasonable wader numbers though not many Barwits. Alas no Wheatears…yet.

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  2. I was near the trough at Marshside and there were some pipits around and I was wondering if these are likely to be the water pipits or meadow? As i couldn’t get that good a look at them.Is this area inhabited by meadows?

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    • Hi Tony, I’m afraid you get both around the trough.
      Water Pipits are tricky, but tend to show much whiter underparts, longer tails (with big white outers), two wingbars, less streaked uppers, greyer crowns/napes, chestnutty rumps, “half” eye-stripes, more wagtail-like jizz etc.
      All of which can be hard to see depending on light, weather, behaviour etc.
      The Water Pipits are starting to moult now too, so will soon show much less streaky underparts than your average Meadow Pipit, and if we are lucky they should start to develop a pinky wash to the breast as they near summer plumage.
      Different call too, if you can hear it over the traffic.
      Keep on trying – they’re worth the effort.


    • Hard to say Jon – we’ve hardly been blessed with large numbers over the years. I’ve had one or two in off the sea and the occasional winterer on the mosses, although there are doing so well in reintroduction areas now (and in Wales) it wouldn’t be a surprise if more than one was involved.
      I’m sure I read somewhere that youngsters go wandering from reintroduction sites?
      One would do me – always a buzz locally!


  3. 4 Black Necked Grebes seen at Woolston Eyes, although up to 8 reported.

    Also seen

    1 x Brambling
    2 x Oystercatcher
    3 x Buzzard
    2 x Chiffchaff
    Cetti’s Warbler heard only


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