Rattling around today a bit like the last marble in the tin. It was still cold winter grey but I didn’t fancy another goose chase on the other side, so before heading out onto the mosses, I called in at the little white chicken farm off Bentham’s Way, Southport.
Seven Little Egrets and six Cattle Egrets still in the fields between Moss Road and the allotments of the “KBO” hinterland (adjudicators have since ruled I was not actually on KBO turf while I watched the Cattle Egrets scurrying through the greening fields, and so cannot start a KBO List just yet).




The flock was a good distance away, and I left them rummaging about and headed out over the mosses, passing a few small herds of Whoopers before arriving at a grey and cold Mere Sands Wood early in the pm.
It was quiet, and more importantly, Bittern-less from Rufford Hide, but the site still had the usual Goosanders, Goldeneye, GC Grebes and Bullfinches.



I staked out the feeders behind the centre for awhile in case the Willow Tit that has been flitting into the tables here this last week made an appearance, but no joy.
All very aimless.