Nice round numbers


Plenty of birds out on Plex this afternoon with 120 Fieldfare, 200+ Lapwing and a good grazing herd of 300 Pinks with six Whoopers.
This flock has diminished over the week as they snarf any grub turned up by the tilled soil in the big “Dotterel” field between Getterns and Plex Moss Farms.
Between 30-40 Whoopers were here a few days back, when Redpoll was passing over Sands Lake and Pochard numbers were fluctuating there between 6 and 15 birds (13 Petalwort nearby too non-vascular freaks.
Today two collared Pinks (“VAF” and “VAT(?) ) were still rummaging about and a semi-albino bird was with the flock, it’s white belly standing out.


Corn Bunts singing while the place sank under the weight of the biomass of Red Legged Partridge and one of the Little Egrets hunched up in the ditch by the Cheshire Lines.