Bird culture


No bins, no camera, no birds for a spiffing few days of culture in Amsterdam with Mrs D, but you never really stop birding.
It was just a day after I’d spent a toe-numbing six hours dipping the Yorkshire Pine Bunting, complete with still raw memories of a fogbound Tuesday that made the bird’s appearance 40 minutes after I’d left as painful as they were inevitable.
After four misses over the years, Pine Bunt is now a serious bogey bird for me, but with at least two wintering at the mo, who knows…
Now it was Wednesday and we touching down at Schiphol, trundling past frozen pools and dykes on the outer limits of the airfield.
As the airbus tax-ied (??) slowly along the perimeter of this vast airport I saw a large pale raptor perched up on the airport fenceline just off the wing – the juv Rough Legged Buzzard considerately waited until we were right on top of it before flying to reveal that lovely tail, black belly, wing pattern, blonde head and mantle – what a stunner.
That’s birding – some days good, some not so.


Amsterdam was stuffed with Ring Necked Parakeets squealing over a deep frozen city, the usual gulls and Cormorants, Starlings foraging amongst piles of frozen ice by the markets, and while it was bursting with Van Goghy culture, the Rough Legged Buzzard was something else…anyone know how regular they are at Schiphol?
I found a few references but how reliable are they in winter?
Kestrels, Coot, Moorhen, corvids and gulls around the runways too – quite birdy for an airport.


3 thoughts on “Bird culture

  1. It was pitch black arriving and departing from Schipol for me last week so no chance to espy the R-L Buzzard. Did manage the squawking the parakeets. The frozen canals suddenly made me realise why we’ve an influx of bitterness in places like Rutland Water.

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