The wrong place to be


I watched this pale Common Buzzard for awhile this afternoon as the grey hours gave way to an early dusk.
Plex probably isn’t the best place to be on a murky winter’s Saturday afternoon, but at least the tweed was concentrating its partridge-blasting efforts on the Withins for once.
The black soil, low grey skies, browned dead vegetation and flat horizons hardly inspire the brightest of thoughts out there, especially in a week like this, but the buzzard distracted me for a short time.
It looked pale, as youngsters often do, as it repeatedly sallied down onto a sown field opposite Gettens Farm to run about the green shoots, presumably taking invertebrates.


Three Little Egrets were flapping about – the most I’ve seen on Plex I think – but then two came over Dempsey Towers later (garden tick) too.
Not enough Pinks to play with, with just a few small family groups, and the rest in the air heading off to roosts.
Quiet during a busy week at work too – I tried two quick two seawatches off Ainsdale, over the pancake flat high tides, but mist lengthened the odds and there were no surprises…
Perhaps 4,000+ Common Scoters (too far out to work through as ever), 15+ Great Crested Grebes, 6-7 Red Throated Divers, 3 Scaup and 5 Red Breasted Mergs was the best I could manage.
I held my breath for a quick examination of a tideline cetacean corpse on Monday which revealed the fourth record of Risso’s Dolphin for Lancs and Cheshire.
Not sure how significant a corpse record so far gone is really though – it looked like the remains had been floating around the Irish Sea for a looooong time.

2 thoughts on “The wrong place to be

  1. Hi Jack, I think afternoons are best for owl action at Lunt, but if you’re on facebook, have a look at the Lunt Meadows and Wetlands Nature Reserve page – the link is on the right hand side of this page. Lots of updates and advice from the site. Good luck, John


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