Inbetween days


Somewhere between the mince pies and Just Brazils of the recent past and the firework-ravaged pets of the near future, lies today.
Not sure what it is really – heavy frost, fridge only half full of beer? Could be Thursday?
Yup, possibly Thursday.
Adrift in the festive vaccuum, the only option was to round up the unit, so with the cattle prod fully charged I collected Trops, Neill and Bazzo and we headed to the marsh mid-morning.
We weren’t that shambolic, although one individual who shall remain nameless had to be dissuaded from heading out in his slippers.
No names, no pack drill.


Most of Marshside One was frosty and icy still from Hesketh Road, with Sprawk spooking the Wigeons and small gull roost toughing it out on the ice.
There were just a few Pinkies easily viewable on the outer marsh, most were too far away and too deep in the vegetation, so we moved up to the Sandplant after a check from the bottom of Hesketh Road.
Nice bright sun, and what sounded like a Rock Pipit over Sandgrounders.
The Marsh Harrier was quartering the outer marsh, where a big fat female Peregrine was perched up, her pale underparts shining white in the sun.
Merlin and Kestrel were hunting but most of the geese were too far out on the marsh as we pushed up to Crossens.
Neill picked up the Great White Egret there at interstellar range.
It was nearer to Lancaster never mind the Fylde, while Trops scored with a fine Short Eared Owl, mobbed by corvids until it flapped off high inland, before swinging round and steaming back to winter quarters remarkably quickly.
It pitched down into the marsh again before the crows could catch up with it.
Two Buzzards, including one very pale bird, were mooching about out past Crossens Channel too.
Not a bad morning for the inbetween days and great fun of course, it’s a shame our hectic social diaries prevent us from getting out birding together more often these days…
Just Brazil anyone????

6 thoughts on “Inbetween days

  1. The Ormskirk Waxwings seem to have eaten up and cleared off by 13.50 this afternoon. Superb flock of over 5000 Pinkfeet on Downholland Moss, opposite Formby, with one Barnacle.

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  2. Neill, Trops and I did a year-ticking sweep across the near-patch region today in ideal weather conditions. Although the local rarities (Bittern, Cattle Egret) eluded us we totalled 80 spp, including 2 GWEs, c. 60 Twites, multiple Buzzards; Marsh Harrier,Stonechat, Rooks,Little Owl, Raven, Turnstones

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    • The brilliant “Migration Atlas” recorded up to 500 Black Reds wintering in the UK back in 2002, but that more than doubled by the time the mighty “Bird Atlas” came along in 2013.
      Many will be migrants from continental Europe and tend to prefer coastal sites.
      All are very cool. Enjoy.


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