Sound festive advice


Yup, I think they’ve nailed it – follow the festive advice above from the health and safety executive south of the Equator and you should be fine.
Admittedly it is H&S from the petro-chem badlands where I probably shouldn’t have been pointing a camera, but there you go.
No phones, cameras, guns or knives, no more than 15 drinks a day (I think that’s what it says anyway), always remember to wear a hat, glasses, troosers, shirt and shoes in public, don’t smoke or poke fun at Hoatzins/waste Guinness on Toucans, and above all have fun.
Thanks to everyone who has taken the trouble to read the blog in 2016, and all who have left comments, I hope you enjoyed it, your support was greatly appreciated.
Wishing you all a spiffing season of festivities.
I’m off to do me Christmas shopping now, once I’ve watched “The Vikings” AND “Jason and the Argonauts” – does it get any better????
Don’t worry, I’ve checked and the petrol station is open till 10pm so I should be fine – they do say the secret to a successful Christmas is in the planning after all.
Updates on the Ecuador blog possible over the next few days, depending on how much of the H&S I manage to follow myself.

7 thoughts on “Sound festive advice

  1. HI John, I’ve a few a few spare minutes on my hands and I’m full of festive happiness so I thought that a drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoy your blog.
    To my huge embarrassment, I have only got into birding (definitely entry level) over the last 18 months or so and having lived in Southport for over 20 years it took me this long to find my way down the hide in Marshside and join the RSPB. Gutted that I’ve wasted 50 years of my life not looking at birds and some catching up to be done.
    Your blogs are a great help to a complete novice like me in beginning to identify what’s around locally and allowing me to learn a bit more.
    So, keep up the excellent work, a big thank you and have merry Christmas.

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  2. Hi Jack and John, I’ve been down to Morrisons twice now with no success. Any tips on there the buggers are most likely to be? Any particular time of the day best?

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    • They do go off for little flights Simon, but if they are still about, should be feeding on the obvious berries beside the entrance to the Morrisons (Ormskirk) at the edge of Coronation Park.
      They come and go as Waxwings do.


      • Ahhhh. That explains it. Waxwings clearly prefer the Ormskirk Morrisons to the Southport branch!!!! You’d think that they would do them in every store!! I was wondering where all the berry-laden trees were. Trip to Ormskirk tomorrow then. Thanks. Merry Christmas

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  3. Just two Waxwings in evidence at Coronation Park during an extended visit at lunchtime today. They seemed to be scavenging the last few berries from the trees they’ve been feeding in for the past ten days, so I guess they’ll be on their way imminently. These two were putting on a superb show in the low sunlight and attracting lots of attention both from birders and from the shopping public. I finally got some decent pictures. Result!!

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