Sound festive advice


Yup, I think they’ve nailed it – follow the festive advice above from the health and safety executive south of the Equator and you should be fine.
Admittedly it is H&S from the petro-chem badlands where I probably shouldn’t have been pointing a camera, but there you go.
No phones, cameras, guns or knives, no more than 15 drinks a day (I think that’s what it says anyway), always remember to wear a hat, glasses, troosers, shirt and shoes in public, don’t smoke or poke fun at Hoatzins/waste Guinness on Toucans, and above all have fun.
Thanks to everyone who has taken the trouble to read the blog in 2016, and all who have left comments, I hope you enjoyed it, your support was greatly appreciated.
Wishing you all a spiffing season of festivities.
I’m off to do me Christmas shopping now, once I’ve watched “The Vikings” AND “Jason and the Argonauts” – does it get any better????
Don’t worry, I’ve checked and the petrol station is open till 10pm so I should be fine – they do say the secret to a successful Christmas is in the planning after all.
Updates on the Ecuador blog possible over the next few days, depending on how much of the H&S I manage to follow myself.