When a (Lesser) Snow Goose plays hard to get


It all seemed perfectly straightforward beforehand – nip down to Marshside at lunchtime, catch up with Colin Bushell’s blue morph Lesser Snow Goose from the Hesketh Rd platform, nip home, pick up a pair of antlers (don’t ask) and be back in time for the Natural Alternatives Christmas Party at work.
Ho ho ho.
But the goose had other ideas and was nowhere to be seen for about 20 minutes as I ‘scoped the marsh from the platform at 1230.
Given the fact that even blue morphs have great big white heads, and are usual fairly obvious, it was all a bit disconcerting, until I suddenly got a glimpse of its snowy slaphead at the edge of one of the dips north of Wheatear Corner.
It was out of sight most of the time, either hidden by grazing Pinkies or down in the dip – it was time to change position.
I popped down to the corner and got marginally better views from the road as it preened amongst the Pinkies.


Always good to see a Snow Goose, especially one that looks “okay” in a purely non-judgemental plastique sense of course.
Now for those antlers…

5 thoughts on “When a (Lesser) Snow Goose plays hard to get

  1. Marshside/Crossens 095-=1330
    Neither Goose nor Pipit showing for Pete Carty and myself today, but burst of song from a (unseen) Cetti’s Warbler at the Junction, prolonged views of a Water Rail from the Platform, and a pair of Ravens beating up a Great Black-back on Crossens Outer still made for a good session. Raptor tally Buzzard and Merlin 2 each, Sparrowhawk 1

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  2. Marshside/Crossens, 1245-1415
    Second visit of day (with Trops this time) produced superb views of Great White Egret and hunting imm. male Hen Harrier on Crossens saltmarsh; also Merlin, Peregrine and Buzzard


  3. Have a great xmas John & thanks for your walks – seeing the Osprey on Ainsdale beach was a superb highlight for me – great blogs have a good birding xmas
    Pete Drewery x


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