Air on a Cattle Egret


Mrs D was fiddlin’ with the Southport String Orchestra this afternoon at St Stephen’s Church in Hightown, so it was all hands to the pews.
Skipper Rothwell’s wife also plays with the group, but he was more vigilant than me on the way into Hightown, picking up a Cattle Egret amongst the sheep on the south side of North End Lane.
Luckily the Christmassy carols and lovely music ended mid-afternoon, cake was scoffed and tea was swilled, and I was able to spot the little white chicken opposite Moss Farm garden centre in the last of the fading afternoon light at about 4.15pm as we drove away from the concert – presumably one of the birds that have been hanging out at Marshside, but these days, you never know.


When I got back to Dempsey Towers, Phil Smith had already raised the alarm on the blog – many thanks Phil, and thanks for the pics of the bird here too.
Phil explains: “I was alerted yesterday by Tim Vaughan to a Cattle Egret in a sheep field south of North End Lane near Hightown, not far from the small garden centre at Moss Farm.
“This afternoon, it was right next to the road, completely ignoring the traffic. Very poor light unfortunately”.