Into the heart of an immense darkness


“He’s out there operating without any decent restraint, totally beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct. And he is still in the field …”

He has been way out in the paramo, rainforest and who knows what else for far too long, now it’s time to track down Tropical Thomason.
He was last seen SO long ago, it was in the days before Sibe Accentor became merely an autumn scarce.
Most recent reports have him papping Swallow Tanagers on the Dia de Muertos down Mindo way, so the trail is still quite warm (in fact it may be very warm by the time we land, positively scorching from what we’ve heard)…
A few record shots of him have emerged from this never-ending South American odyssey of course, but it’s a bit like seeing images of Bigfoot, you’re never quite sure if it’s the real deal or not…


Nah, that’s defo not him – this is far more likely to be Trops (except with substantially less hair of course):

THE MUPPETS - ABC's "The Muppets" stars Animal. (ABC/The Muppets Studio)

At least we know what we’re looking for now, and hopefully we’ll be catching up with him before you can say Black-capped Donacobius… you keep him talking Mike, I’ll get the net.
Back soon, toodle-pip.

3 thoughts on “Into the heart of an immense darkness

  1. 10 Waxwings at top end of Range Lane, Formby (via Jubilee Road) this morning, found by Tim Vaughan. Feeding in Hawthorn bush and flying between that and a large Ash tree 50m down Range Lane.


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