A slightly quieter afternoon


Unless you count the constant drone of the Coast Road of course, which seems to annoy me more every time I call in at Marshside.
Don’t know why it’s starting to bother me so much really, it has always been like this….
One of the Cattle Egrets was noodling around at the back of the Sandplant lagoon, but I couldn’t see the other two – probably down a ditch somewhere or hiding behind a cow.
Plenty of Pinkies commuting onto the outer marsh, and up at Crossens a substantial herd of Wigeon, but despite prolonged scoping I couldn’t pick out the Yankee.
About 15 Ruff up there too, five or six Dunlin, Blackwits, Golden Plover, Snipe and Lapwing.
One or two ‘crests and Robins were in the roadside willows opposite the sewage treatment plant.
What sounded like Rock Pipits were calling over the outer marsh, but I couldn’t really hear them clearly over the traffic….time to buy an ear trumpet I expect.