Seriously seasick scoters.


Managed a quick look over the rising tide at Ainsdale today an hour or two before the rain swept in, the north westerly hooley went absolutely batshit crazy and it became impossible to scan the waves.
Common Scoters were flying around all over the place – no white wing flashes today though – and those that were on the water seemed to be having a thoroughly miserable time of it in the deepening swell.
More Red Breasted Mergs about than when I last looked too, which is only to be expected at this time of year, and a light southerly passage of Gannets out on the horizon.
The troughs probably hid quite a lot out there today…and yes, if the hooley holds up, it is strong enough to push a Leach’s or two in.
If the rain stopped, you may even be able to see ’em…

Ainsdale, 18/10/16, 1230-1330:

Common Scoter 350+
Red Breasted Merganser 14
Scaup 2
Gannet 23
Auk sp 5
Great Crested Grebe 3
Kittiwake 8

2 thoughts on “Seriously seasick scoters.

  1. The sea as like glass of Ainsdale today, with VERY large numbers of scoter offshore. Didn’t get a chance to work through ’em, but they would have been do-able with a ‘scope.
    Big concentration further up the coast nearer Weld Road too.


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