Small mercies…


I didn’t get out yesterday – I went furniture shopping with the boss, lured in by the promise of sausages, or the potential of sausages, to tour tired “antique” outlets for the perfect thingumyjig across Lancs backways that were bathed in gorgeous autumn sunlight.
There were a few problems with this – firstly shopping in general blows big time, and secondly scouring a 1960s/70s piece of cheap crap with sandpaper to give it a distressed look does not constitute the creation of an “antique”.
While thirdly, and perhaps, most importantly, THERE WERE NO SAUSAGES.
So, as the country slowly sinks under the weight of megas, rares and class autumn migrants, the best thing to do today was take a stroll round Sands Lake at Ainsdale – that always puts things in perspective.
Redwings and Skylarks passed the tower during the course of the morning, with the winter Reed Bunting flock at Ainsdale already swollen to 30+ birds, and flat calm conditions offshore showed off the scoter horde very nicely (but as ever they were out of range).
This was enough to encourage me out of doors at lunchtime.


Sands Lake always feels like it should be good – look how rare it appears in the pic above – can’t you just imagine an Ovenbird popping out of that…????
But the best I could drag out of it today were five Goldcrests, a single Chiffchaff, two Siskins over, 11 Goldfinches and one of the local Common Buzzards getting battered by three Carrion Crows.


Four Shovelers were spinning around each other on the water and Gadwall were amongst the Tufties and Mallards.
A Little Egret circled overhead for nearly ten minutes – it must have had somewhere better to go than Sands Lake…


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