Egret indigestion


Getting seriously full of egret now – after the gut-busting nine Great White Egret fly-by on Wednesday morning, the Persil-white score was further swelled by two new Cattle Egrets joining the long stayer at Marshside this morning.
Popped in as I was passing for the Cattle Egret hat-trick and to say “hi” to Terry Meehan (howdy Terry).
The Cattle Egrets were at the back from Sandgrounders, mooching around the coos as they should.


Angels on broomsticks on Wednesday, three white chickens today.
Elsewhere quiet today, although a Chiffchaff was in full song at Queen’s Jubilee Nature Trail at Southport, before the sea frets flopped in this morning, and Redwings, Mipits, Grey Wag, Skylark and smaller numbers of Swallows were on the move south over the dunes at Ainsdale early doors.
Still a few Sarnie Terns at Ainsdale, hordes of scoters and a few Gannets offshore.
Anyone else seeing anything?