Yellow Browed Sunday


The first were calling loud enough for us to hear them as I drove out of Patrington at 0830 this morning and spontaneously prompted an irruptive chorus from Neill (Hunt), Andy (Pryce) and myself of “Yellow-browed!!!”
I pulled over just a few miles short of Spurn and we quickly found at least three calling Yellow-browed Warblers on the edge of Patrington, with many Robins, squadrons of Redwings and smaller numbers of Blackbirds and Chiffies.
A good start.
I know they’re getting commoner every year, but they still scream “autumn” almost as much as a shrivelly Sycamore leaf. Little stunners all.
We pushed on to Sammy’s Point, where we had another Yellow-browed Warbler, about 180 Redwings, Blackcap, Wheatear, Skylarks, Mipits, Goldcrests and Chiffchaffs in a strong north easterly after early morning rain, while hundreds of Pink Footed Geese came down the wind.
It set the theme for another fine day at Spurn with Neill and Andy.
There were Yellow-browed Warblers in the shadows around the Crown and Anchor.


There were Yellow-browed Warblers in Church Field and around Kew Villa (and Bramblings and ‘crests).


Up at the Canal Scrape there were two or three Yellow-browed Warblers, with Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Lesser Whitethroat and Goldcrests, 3 Stonechat and 5 Whinchat nearby and on the walk down from the Bluebell a very nostalgic encounter with several singing Roesel’s Bushcrickets.


And best of all there were at least 5 or 6 Yellow-browed Warblers around Cliff Farm at Kilnsea, chasing each other through the tree-tops with an astonishing amount of energy given the journey they have just undertaken, while clouds of Migrant Hawker dragonflies patrolled in the warm afternoon sun and shelter, and Grey Wags and Bramblings passed through.


Reckon I had 18 of the stripey critters from Patrington to Spurn in total today – gotta love Yellow-browed Warblers, and ya gotta love Spurn…another great day fellas, thanks.


3 thoughts on “Yellow Browed Sunday

  1. Back from a week at Flamborough last Friday with the little one and Laura, plenty of birding of course. South westerleys throughout meant it was quiet by east coast standards. Saw several Yellow Broweds, Lapland Bunting, Taiga Bean Goose (now in semi residence) and a smattering of common migrants. Seawatching was tough due to the wind, despite this decent birds were seen most days by the locals – quality which would get headlines locally. Despite my best efforts I didn’t connect with anything particularly noteworthy on my sessions but Bonxie, Manxie, Med Gull, Great Northern Diver, tonnes of passing Red Throated Diver, Kittiwakes, a few Fulmar and 100’s of Gannet along with Auks, Terns, Gulls, Geese and Ducks passing and passerines coming ‘in off’ made it enjoyable.
    Clearly the weather has turned more favourable over there since, but we had a great time regardless and enjoyed the birding.

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  2. Yellow Browed Warbler at Crosby Marine Lake this morning, in sycamores by Seaforth boundary fence. Spent a good hour and a half with Tony Conway (who got an excellent pic of it) and Jack Taylor.


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