2,500 Blackwits later….


Thought I’d spend a bit of time at Nels hide over the high tide today, in case anything dropped in, and besides it has been awhile since I’ve had my carbon monoxide medication courtesy of the Marshside through traffic.
Tony Baker was in the hide, WeBsing and working his way through the Blackwit roost – I counted up to 225 and began to lose the will to live, but there wasn’t much else from the hide, just four Dunlin and two Ringed Plover.


Things were better up at Sandgrounders where the Cattle Egret was fishing at the back of the lagoon (I know, I know, bright sun and blue skies aren’t the best for photographing white birds, but it is a character…..)
Seven Ringed Plover on the banks of the lagoon and a few Snipe dropping in, as Alex Pigott WeBsed the other half of the reserve.



A few Mipits bounded through in the unseasonal heat, alba wags too and a calling Yellow Wagtail.
There were about 300 Pink Feet on Marshside Two, with more small groups winging in from the south east, while up at Polly’s Pool, two box-fresh Little Stints were simply stunning, alongside four Ruff and even more Blackwits and Lapwings, Curlew and bathing Pinks.


Called back into Sandgrounders to say “howdy” to Alex on the way back down, and the Kingfisher was fishing right at the back of the lagoon – long distance cute and safely outta range….


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