Blowin’ yer own trumpet


I don’t usually use the blog to promote events at work, but if you’re in the Ainsdale neck of the woods (or rather dunes) next week, you’re all most welcome to join us at the Sefton Coast Landscape Partnership office for free “Vis Mig” mornings, Monday to Friday (September 12th-16th).
I’ll be heading out from Ainsdale Discovery Centre (PR8 2QB) at 9am each morning for an hour or two to see what we can find.
The more sets of bins and pairs of ears the better.
Five bites of the cherry to score some decent autumn passage around the office and frontals – got to be worth a bash, and if all else fails, it’s always fun showing folk Mipits and Pied Wags.


More details and lots of other stuff at:
I’ll post what we get each day.
Now, how much did you say the plane ticket to Scilly was????