Dickens was not a seawatcher.


Nice force 4 westerly and rain moving in overnight; 9.3m tide at 1330; day off, friends up for it – gotta be a Tobacco Dump seawatch.
Once I’d picked Bazzo and Neill up, we were on site from 1115 this morning under brightening skies and a weakening summer breeze, sun cream out, shades on.
“Great Expectations” my ass.
“Something will turn up” – pah!!!
Dickens patently never tried a seawatch off Formby during his sojourn in Liverpool.

Tobacco Dump, 4.9.16, 1115- 1355:
W’ly 3, cloud, sunny periods.

Arctic Skua 4-5
Razorbill 1
Auk sp 2
Sandwich Tern 300+
Common Tern 120+
Arctic Tern 23
Gannet approx 100
Common Scoter 800+
Red Throated Diver 2
Great Crested Grebe 2

Best head back to Dempsey Towers to hack the garden accompanied by a soundtrack of autumnal Goldcrests and Robins….

3 thoughts on “Dickens was not a seawatcher.

  1. Phenomenal numbers of Sandwich Terns in the Birkdale roost this afternoon. I was there from about 14.00 to 15.45 and did several counts, settling on an estimate of not less than 2800 (there could have been 3000). I photographed the whole roost in sections, so may be able to work out a more accurate figure. Unfortunately I didn’t have a telescope and therefore did not get an estimate of juveniles. I counted 110 Common Terns but there could have been a few more.
    There were only two disturbance incidents. At 14.50 a man with two dogs walked through a small tern roost on the tide edge but most of the birds remained settled in the central beach area. Then, at 15.20 a woman with three Springer Spaniels flushed gulls and terns along the tide edge and then flushed the whole roost at 15.25. These dogs were deliberately running at the birds. By this time, the tide was well out and there was plenty of exposed shore for the birds to settle on. Many also flew out to sea.


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