Right back down to earth…


Tried a quick seawatch at Ainsdale over the lunchtime high tide. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Ainsdale, 2.9.16, 1230-1330, SWly 3, cloud:

Red Throated Diver 1
Common Scoter approx 2,000
Fulmar 1 (v. close in)
Gannet 8
Common Tern 17
Sandwich Tern approx 180
Kittiwake 2

…and the terns were all local commuters from the roosts further up the shoreline…

5 thoughts on “Right back down to earth…

  1. Managed to see the Wryneck today. Although I only observed it for about 60 seconds, It was perched on a post along the fence line, before it dropped to the ground in the undergrowth. I waited about an hour, but it did not reappear.

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  2. Decent hour and a half on the falling tide at Birkdale this afternoon. Thousands of mixed waders including 4000+ Knot, a single Whimbrel on the green beach, 150+ Sandwich Tern roosting on the beach with others fishing, 4 Common Tern, a single Little Tern south along the tideline. 2 adult Arctic Skuas came in over the surf chasing a Tern, 1 pale phase and 1 dark. The rain pinned down about 20 Swallow and 10 House Martin feeding low over the green beach.

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  3. Still not been able pinpoint the location of the Wryneck despite your directions John. (I had the same problem with the Ringlets a couple months ago). Sorry to be a dimbo, but after entering the NNR alongside the railway, past the road to the offices, around the barrier and past the information board, how far is it to the “first fire break on the right”? I’ve assumed this to be the wide sandy entrance to the woods where the trees on each side of the path thin out briefly – more like a road really – but after about 150 yards this reaches a crossroads (left up into the woods; right around to the yard/offices). Straight on is broad and sandy through the woods, reaches another cross path, then kind of meanders off into the dunes. There’s no “end” to turn left at, and any number of open metal gates. Well, three. Am I in the wrong place? Wouldn’t be the first time…


    • The first firebreak is the “wide sandy entrance to the woods” you describe Tony. Walk to the end of it so that there are open dunes in front of you, then follow the obvious path left through soft sand for about 10 minutes.
      You should have trees on your left and open dunes/scrub on your right.
      Ignore all the gates, open or otherwise until the main path you are on passes directly through an open metal gate.
      There will be a fenceline on your right and clump of dog rose about 50 ft back from that.
      This the area the bird has been hanging out in.
      Hope this helps.


  4. D’OH!! Right place then, just me doubting myself. Thanks John. It’ll probably be gone but I’ll explore further tomorrow or Tuesday just to improve knowledge of the area. Cheers.

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