Finally Wryneck – better late than never.


Finally got round to popping down to the NNR at Ainsdale after work to say “howdy” to the long staying Wryneck that is hanging around the grazing enclosures there.
In my defence I only got back from Ireland in the early hours of yesterday, but I should have made an effort before this evening….
No sign around it’s fave dog rose patch for an hour, then the Wryneck materialised on the fenceline about 50 metres away.
This was hardly surprising as Dave Hardaker had just arrived and he has seen it each time he’s visited.
Three for three, Wryneck-Meister.



The bird was perched up looking as bewildered as only a Wryneck can for a few minutes before dropping down into the Creeping Willow as the light began to fade.
It has been a long time since I last saw one around here.
Lovely ‘scope views of this all too scarce visitor to our coastline, but probably a bit too overcast and grey for me to zap it with my P900 – as should be obvious from these pix!

3 thoughts on “Finally Wryneck – better late than never.

    • You’re better parking on/walking from Pinfold Lane, Ainsdale, and walking into the National Nature Reserve by the railway bridge Paul.
      From there take the obvious wide path that runs towards Formby parallel to the railway line, then turn right into the first firebreak.
      Walk down the firebreak and at the end, turn left and walk along the sandy trail for five minutes or so before you walk through an OPEN metal gate.
      Once through the gate the Wryneck was in the area on the right around the patch of dog rose behind the fence…but it can perch up on the fenceline.


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