What lunchbreaks are for #3


Nipped down onto the beach once the deluge had eased at Ainsdale today for a late lunch, mainly because the air around the tower was filled with the calls of Sarnie Terns, and I haven’t really had a chance to look at the roosts yet this summer, despite the fact we’ve launched a survey into numbers here with Lancs Wildlife Trust…
Thought I better have a squint once the rain stopped-ish.
Oh, who am I kidding, I was really hoping to bump into that supersexy young Long Tailed Skua John Tymon photographed north of Shore Road yesterday (don’t pretend you haven’t seen the pix on the interweb).
No sign of the skua, but it was good craic as always to have a chat with Andy Pryce down there, when I wasn’t talking walkers away from the roosts. Most transgressors are simply ignorant of the damage they cause and if you speak to them politely tend to stop flushing everything.
Most, but not all.



As Andy and I chuntered away a cool juvenile Little Gull flew in behind the tern roost and spent a bit of time mooching around in the shallows – best Little Gull plumage phase?
Wonder where it came from?
At least 800 Sandwich Terns in front of us while we watched the gull, with smaller numbers of Commons and stacks of waders to the north in the post rain murk.
Left ’em after 30 mins or so and headed back to the desk, while they continued dozing and batting out over the grey waves on fishing sorties.