Wet dry run


I tried to ignore the south easterly and constant drizzle at Ainsdale at lunchtime as no one likes wasting a good high tide, although I might have been better grilling the roosts to the north today.
Plenty of Sandwich Terns, waders and gulls up past Shore Road, but good numbers of terns were still fishing over the tide south of Shore Road too and I was hoping for something out of the ordinary (Sooty, Sweep or Royal would all have been just dandy).
As it was I had to settle for Commons, two Great Crested Grebes and the distant scatter scoter clan – about 200 birds in the murk out there.
On the upside the rain and murk meant the roosting birds were enjoying a bit more peace today than the frequent human disturbance they’ve suffered through this week’s mini-heatwave.
This kind of hammering inevitably results in exhausted and dying birds like this Knot brought in to us earlier in the week.


This ones’ migrating days were well and truly over.
Bring on the wind from the west and the wild Atlantic waves…