With the lure of the point blank Little Grebe chicks and occasional shows by the Cattle Egret at Marshside today, Sandgrounders was inevitably busy – even the young Swallows popped in for awhile.
Blat blat blat.
500+ Blackwits up at Polly’s Creek/Pool, with a few groups of Curlew and a scattering of Snipe and Ruff.
While I checked out the seaward side, Neill and Pete were ironing out the finer points of the very latest birders’ comms app – it’s called “RTA” (don’t ask – let’s just say it doesn’t stand for “Road Traffic Accident”, which is odd as the initial conversations on the thing certainly had the feel of a car crash) from the eastern side of the reserve.
Ain’t cutting edge technology marvellous???


Two Common Sands made me hope for more on the wader front, but I wasn’t getting it.
Small numbers of Swifts appeared to be moving through to the south, there were Whitethroats here and there and on the outer marsh a few Kestrels were hunting half-heartedly – remember the days when more than 20 would gather to gorge on Craneflys in late August??
When I caught myself looking at butterflies I realised I’m not safely into Autumn yet, but there were plenty of Walls, Common Blues and Peacocks on the bank as the day warmed up.
However, once I started playing “sinensis” with distant Cormorants on Polly’s lagoon, I realised it was way past home time.