Quivery Groundhog Days.


It’s pretty much the same every year – a flash of orange and there’s a fine young Black Redstart quivering on the office drainpipe banishing the summer doldrums and prompting the usual intriguing question – just where do you come from?
This afternoon’s individual was no different – a lovely gape still clearly visible (apologies for the point and press crappy shots, it was hot, and I was excited) as it flitted around the Ainsdale Discovery Centre at 4pm before tantalisingly zipping back over the big fence and into the Pontins gulag from whence it came.
Young (very) male I think.



First sign of them all year – I haven’t heard a squeak of song or had even a peripheral glimpse of one on the fences and rooftops, and I do look.
Youngsters do disperse of course, so it could just have come from somewhere else.
Time for a chat with Mr Pontin to see if any guests have noticed little birds with orange tails (I won’t mention the gulag bit).
Good to finally stop watching the summer paint dry.
A few hours at Lunt Meadows on Sunday was all very young birds and Black Tailed Skimmers, although Little Ringed Plovers, Common Sands and Dunlins offered light at the end of the summer tunnel.


An excellent reserve with a great team – see you at the open day on Saturday? I’m feelin’ mesolithic…